A Fine Fragrance Welcomes You at The Beginning of Every Street

In our landscaping work inspired by the lush, fragrant gardens of Bodrum, there are different tree species selected specifically for each street.

You will feel as if you are walking in a huge orchard with lemons, tangerines, bergamot, kumquats and oranges. When you inhale the energy of red pomegranate flowers and the invigorating scent of citrus fruits, you feel you are reborn.

The social areas of our project are designed to make the social lives of the owners more comfortable and enjoyable.

Within the scope of our project, there are many social areas such as parks, gardens, walking paths, children’s playgrounds, children’s clubs, spa, sauna, sports fields, fitness center, swimming pools, picnic areas and cafes and restaurants.

With these areas, it is aimed to revitalize the social life of our owners and to ensure that they spend quality time.


The fitness section in our project includes a modern and equipped area where users who adopt a healthy lifestyle can exercise. In the fitness section, various fitness equipments are offered for cardio and strength training of our owners. Cardio equipment includes treadmills, bikes and elliptical machines, and for strength training there are free weights, resistance machines and fitness machines.