Sun-Kissed Living Just a Flight Away

Discover the Villas Surrounded by the Aegean’s Natural Beauty.

A life surrounded by olive trees in the miraculous nature of the Aegean begins.

The olive tree has been used as a symbol of peace throughout history. In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, the olive tree was considered a gift from the gods. Today, the olive branch is used as a symbol of peace. This meaningful symbol has an important place in many cultures and religions around the world.

The olive tree reminds us of the meaning of our lives with its beauty, strength and symbol of peace, and also olive leaves are good for many health problems. In NEXTTO BODRUM, in this unique miraculous nature of the Aegean, your house is ready.

The place where history meets the blue Aegean Sea and the attractive structure of the city: Bodrum

The history of Bodrum goes back to the Ancient Greek, Roman and Ottoman periods. During these periods, Bodrum was used as an important port city, and many historical buildings were built. Historical buildings such as Bodrum Castle, Ancient Theatre, Myndos Gate and Halicarnassus Mausoleum and Iasos reflect the rich history of Bodrum. In addition, Bodrum Museum is a rich source of information about the history of the city.

Your Neighborhood Colors with Neighbors

What did we forget? The street where we played as children, to be the youth of the neighborhood, to knock on our neighbor’s door and to say “my parents will come to you if you are not busy”, to reach out and raise our hands together if one of us falls, to support, to be united, to share this life as the inhabitants of the same neighborhood…

Think about it like this: When was the last time you knocked on your neighbor’s door and said “I came for a coffee” or you ran out of sugar at home and instead of ordering, you took a glass and asked your neighbor for it? Else, which of us remembers the days when neighbors handed out warm halvah, Ashura or pastries to each other?

Neighbor means trust, and they are the people with whom you share your secrets, who know and understand your every situation, and who support you. Every time you open your door, you know that a friendly hand reaches out from the other side. Bodrum is such a place. The warm people there still extend friendly hands to you, they know how to help and support, they give you confidence.

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